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Products with Purpose

Products with Purpose

We are really passionate about choosing products that not only taste great but also have an amazing purpose behind them. See below a range of products used across the estate and their incredible stories.


Extract Coffee

Extract Hand-Roasted Coffee believes in building long-term, sustainable relationships with their farmers based on a quality-pays ethos. This means paying premiums higher than Fairtrade in return for exceptional quality coffee. They are also salvaging vintage coffee roasters, restoring them to higher efficiency than when new. Union Hand-Roasted Coffee is available in Manchester, More London, and Birmingham Social Co.


Bailies Coffee

Local to Belfast, Bailies Coffee is built on direct trade - where they build strong relationships with some of the world’s finest coffees farmers and they forge lasting links with the growers and their farming partners. By sourcing the harvest, themselves, they can ensure both the quality of coffee for their customers, plus a fair price and ethical treatment for the producers. Coffee farmers are paid premiums above Fairtrade. Bailies Coffee is available in our Belfast Social Co.


Coffee Society  

Coffee Society ensures all their coffee beans are ethically sourced from direct trading partners meaning long-standing relationships are built directly with coffee farmers and each bag of coffee can be traced back to where it came from. The coffee is Fairtrade certified and each cup sold a contribution is made to the WSH Foundation - helping local communities. Coffee Society is available in the Embankment Place client lounge.


Nemi Tea

Nemi Tea employs refugees in their operations to help boost their English skills, regain their confidence, as well as work on skills required to enter the UK job market. Nemi Tea is available in the More London client lounge, Frontier, and meeting rooms, as well as on Level 6 meeting rooms in Birmingham.


Tea People

Tea People are a social enterprise that gives 50% of their profits to projects working to improve educational infrastructure for the children of tea workers, across the tea-growing regions around the world. They have the vision to empower the local community and provide equal opportunities. Tea People is available in the Embankment Place client lounge and meeting rooms as well as Belfast Botanicals, client lounge, and meeting rooms.

Suki Tea

Local to Belfast, Suki Tea is responsibly sourced and supports the tea pickers, their families, and their wider community. Suki Tea is available is Belfast Social Co.


Rubies in the Rubble

Rubies in the Rubble ketchup is made using wonky fruit and vegetables which would otherwise have gone to waste due to their size, shape, or imperfections. Their ketchup helps to fight food waste and is available in More London, Embankment Place, Birmingham, Manchester, East Midlands, and Belfast.


Tony's Chocolonely

Tony’s Chocoloney chocolate is on a mission to fight modern-day slavery- right now, there is slavery on cocoa farms in West Africa as a result of the unequally divided cocoa chain. Tony’s pay an extra premium in addition to the Fairtrade premiums, building direct and long-term relationships with their farmers, enabling them to structurally change the inequality in the value chain. This approach gives them full traceability and improved quality of cocoa beans. Tony's Chocolonely is available in More London, Embankment Place, and Belfast.


Divine Chocolate

Divine is the only Fairtrade chocolate company that is also co-owned by cocoa farmers. Kuapa Kokoo, a co-operative of over 85,000 cocoa farmers in Ghana, benefits not only from the Fairtrade premium on the sale of their beans but also receives the largest share (44%) of Divine’s profits. Divine chocolate is available in More London, Embankment Place, and Birmingham.


Miss Macaroon

Miss Macaroon is a Social Enterprise that offers four-week-long training courses for young, long-term, unemployed people, teaching them valuable skills. By the end of the program, trainees further benefit from three-month one-to-one mentoring to help achieve greater independence and career opportunities. Miss Macaroon is available in the client lounge in Birmingham.


Tap Social

Tap Social beer provides training and employment to people serving and recently released from prison sentences. TapSocial is available for hospitality events in More London, Embankment Place, Birmingham, East Midlands, and Manchester.


Forty Hall Vineyard

Forty Hall Vineyard reinvests the profits from their award-winning wines into their ecotherapy project enabling them to deliver health and well-being benefits to the local community. Forty Hall is available for hospitality and events in More London and Embankment Place.


LemonAid and ChariTea

LemonAid soft drink, in addition to paying Fairtrade premiums, ensure that 5p per bottle sold goes to the LemonAid and ChariTea foundation to help fund social initiatives within their farmer's communities. When you're finished, you can drop your bottle off in SocialCo and we will upcycle these into salt and pepper shakers. LemonAid and ChariTea are available in More London, Embankment Place, East Midlands, Manchester, and Birmingham.

Something and Nothing Seltzer

1p per can is donated to Glimpse Foundation who creates campaigns and activations for the good of society and the planet. Something and Nothing is available for hospitality and events in More London, Embankment Place, East Midlands, and Birmingham.

Karma Cola

1% from every drink goes to the Karma foundation which supports the cola nut growers and their communities in Sierra Leone. Karma Cola is available for hospitality and events in More London, Embankment Place, East Midlands, and Birmingham.

Olly's Pretzel Thins

Olly’s snacks are part of the One Feeds Two initiative and donate one school meal per every order to a child living in poverty. Olly's is available for hospitality and events in More London, Embankment Place, East Midlands, and Birmingham.

Liberation Nuts

Liberation Nuts is the UK’s only Fairtrade, farmer-owned nut company. They buy their nuts from the co-operatives of small-scale growers and farmers who own more than 50% shares. Liberation Nuts is available for hospitality and events in More London, Embankment Place, East Midlands, and Birmingham.

We are continuously seeking out new products to introduce that taste incredible and have great stories and purpose behind them but are also viable in our spaces so that we can make a success of them.