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Cauliflower and almond pilaf




 3 heads of cauliflower

100g flaked almond

50g super seed dukka spice

Salt and pepper to season

Splash of white wine vinegar

Splash of rapeseed/olive oil


Start by washing the cauliflowers, then put one whole head of cauliflower in the oven, dress with oil and season

Roast till the leaves are crispy and the cauliflower golden

Toast the flaked almond for 3-4 minutes, until golden

Whilst the cauliflower is roasted take the leaves off the stem so they are intact. Carefully remove the leaves from the stem and keep to one side

Blanch the stems on boiling salted water for 2-3 minutes, refresh in iced water, then slice down into nice bite sized pieces on the angle

Finely shred the cauliflower leaves

Slice through the middle of one of the cauliflowers, so that you create a steak (you should get two decent steaks out of one cauliflower)

Blanch the cauliflower steaks in salted boiling water for 3-4 mins then refresh in iced water

Caramelise in a pan on both sides and season well, cut in half and allow to cool

In a blender blitz the remaining cauliflower, including the wastage from the one you cut the steaks from,  into ‘cous cous’

Once the roasted cauliflower is cold, roughly chop it all up, leaf, stem and floret, combine the blanched stem, the leaf,cauliflower ‘couscous’, the roasted cauliflower and the super seed dukka in a bowl

Season with the salt, pepper, oil and vinegar

Tp serve, place all the components onto a plate and top with the flaked almonds